Aulonocara brevirostre, photo by M.K. Oliver
Aulonocara brevirostre, the first specimen collected since the two original type specimens (which were first called Trematocranus brevirostris). Scroll down for a photograph of the lectotype, BMNH 1935.6.14:2224, 57 mm SL, from Bar House. With its three lateral spots, this species does not fit within Trewavas's (1984b) redefinition of Aulonocara. Oliver suspects that it should be transferred back to Trematocranus, as Trewavas originally described it, and that it may even be based on juveniles of T. microstoma. No other Aulonocara has three spots, which in A. brevirostre closely resemble those present in juveniles of Trematocranus and Hemitilapia species (before the suprapectoral and supraanal spots have "filled in" above to reach the dorsal fin base, forming the characteristic "saddles" seen in these taxa). Both photos copyright © by M. K. Oliver.

Aulonocara brevirostre, lectotype; photo by M.K. Oliver

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