Mchenga conophoros; photo by M.K. Oliver

Mchenga conophoros, anal fin; photo by M.K. Oliver

Above: Mchenga conophoros (previously identified as Copadichromis eucinostomus), and a closeup of its anal fin; photos copyright © by M. K. Oliver. Below: The holotype of M. conophoros, Penn State University 2622.1, an adult male 108.7 mm SL from Cape Maclear, Malawi; enlarged from Fig. 2 (illustration by M. Katz) of Stauffer et al. (1993). See Note 1 concerning uncertainty about the correct spelling of the specific epithet, which was spelled inconsistently in the original description.

Mchenga conophoros, holotype

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The Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa:

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