Naevochromis chrysogaster, photo of adult copyright © by M. K. Oliver

Above: A large, adult male Naevochromis chrysogaster. This distinctive, rare cichlid is suspected of being a paedophage (feeding on embryos stolen from mouthbrooding female cichlids). The small, weak jaw teeth are buried up to the crown tips in the thickened oral mucosa. Scroll down for closeups of the anal fin, and of the mouths of two other individuals, showing characteristic wide gape, fleshy lips, and prominent mental (chin) knob. All photos copyright © by M.K. Oliver.

Anal fin of male Naevochromis chrysogaster, photo
copyright © by M. K. Oliver

Heads of two Naevochromis chrysogaster, photo
copyright © by M.K. Oliver
Above: Naevochromis chrysogaster, frontal view to show short, wide
jaws with fleshy lips and prominent mental (chin) knob.
Photo copyright © by M.K. Oliver.



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The Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa:

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