Lethrinops 'micrentodon Makokola', photo copyright © by G. F. Turner

Lethrinops 'micrentodon Makokola'
Text & photo by Guest Author: Prof. George F. Turner, Bangor University, UK
This is a medium-size deep-bodied Lethrinops species with a relatively small rounded head and a short snout. It can be identified by its relatively few lower gillrakers (13-17), deep body, large eye and lack of a midlateral spot. Males are colourful. This species is known to grow to around 13 cm (5 inches) total length (TL). In aquaria, males construct a large (90 cm / 36 inch diameter) pit with a small spawning cone in the centre. Females of 10 cm TL produce around 50-60 fry. Ripe males are known to build nests at 30-35 m (100-115 ft) depth, near Makokola Reef (Baasch, 1992). Although locally abundant, this species is possibly restricted to a strip of coast 22 km (14 miles) long on the west coast of the SE Arm, between Maldeco and Nkhudzi Bay, at depths of 24-60 m (75-200 ft).


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