Lethrinops 'yellow chin', photo copyright © by G. F. Turner

Lethrinops 'yellow chin'
Text & photo by Guest Author: Prof. George F. Turner, Bangor University, UK
This is yet another of the species that lives right in the middle of the most heavily trawled areas of the open muddy lake bottom. It is a typical medium-sized Lethrinops species with a relatively small rounded head and short snout. It is distinguished from most similar species by the low number of gillrakers (13-17), and the prominent midlateral spot. The male breeding colours distinguish this species from all similar fishes, except Trematocranus brevirostris which has fewer lower gillrakers and a larger eye. Adults reach 11 cm (4.3 inches) total length. This species was not recognised as distinct in most trawl surveys, and it seems to have a very restricted distribution, occurring only in samples from 44-54 m (145-175 ft) depth around Boadzulu Island. It was often abundant. Similar looking fish from deeper water to the north of Boadzulu Island and off the Maleri Islands are probably from different species.


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