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Lethrinops gossei, male (above) and female, photo copyright © by G. F. Turner

Lethrinops gossei Burgess & Axelrod
Text & photo by Guest Author: Prof. George F. Turner, Bangor University, UK
Lethrinops gossei is a distinctive deep-bodied species with a large eye and mouth. The jaws are characteristic — the tip of the lower jaw is curved upwards and fits into a V-shaped cleft in the upper jaw. Ripe males are strongly barred with dark purplish or greenish iridescence on their heads. They can reach 20 cm (8 inches) TL (total length), and feed on benthic arthropods and Chaoborus (lakefly). Mature females are around 13-18 cm (4.9-7 inches) TL, and males 12.5-20 cm (5.1-8 inches). They are recorded as breeding from December to September, with a peak in March. The species is abundant in deep water, and is generally one of the dominant species at depths of 90m to at least 128m (300-420 feet).


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The Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa:

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