Introduction to the Bibliography of Lake Malawi Biology

T his Bibliography should include all literature containing original taxonomic descriptions of both cichlid and noncichlid fish taxa found in Lake Malawi. Perhaps I've missed some original taxonomic descriptions published in aquarium magazines. (Such publication is strongly discouraged by reputable taxonomists.) The list also includes many recent papers on the ecology, evolutionary genetics, behavior, and evolution of the endemic cichlids — Lake Malawi and its cichlids are truly central to some of the most exciting research being done in all of evolutionary biology! The bibliography has evolved into an attempt to include all areas of Lake Malawi biology, though it will always have the systematics of the fishes as its focus.

Tips for Using the Bibliography:

Help me maintain this Bibliography as a complete, current resource. Please let me know about errors, and publications I have omitted (e-mail: If you publish a new species or other taxon, or anything else on Lake Malawi, I'd be grateful for a copy or reprint, or at least a bibliographic citation!

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The Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa:

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