Picture List for the Mbuna Species Flock

Melanochromis baliodigma photo,
from Ribbink et al. (1983)
Melanochromis baliodigma,
from Ribbink et al. (1983)
Most of the Mbuna species with formal scientific names — and many without them — are now illustrated at this site; see list below. Remember to scroll down on each picture page to see the caption and any additional figures. A more complete Checklist of the Mbuna Species Flock (with every Mbuna species that has been formally named and described) is also available, with information on the original taxonomic publication of each species, access to these same illustrations, and additional links. To search for a species according to common name (trade name), try the index and site search utility:    There is also a list of "Hap" flock pictures and a complete "Hap" flock checklist.

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