Labidochromis freibergi, male, underwater photo by Ad Konings, used by permission                 Labidochromis freibergi, male, aquarium photo by Micha Berlijn, used by permission

Above left: This male Labidochromis freibergi was photographed underwater off Maingano on Likoma Island, Malawi, by Ad Konings; the photo is reproduced here with his kind permission. Above right: A male L. freibergi in an aquarium, photographed by Micha Berlijn (thanks to Micha for permission to use this photo from his homepage). According to Konings, L. freibergi is exported as "Labidochromis Ewarti," a name without scientific standing. This species lives "[i]n the turbulent part of the rocky habitat" at Likoma (Konings, 1995c: 40).

Below: A nontype specimen of Labidochromis freibergi (sex, length, museum, and register number not reported), from Mbako Bay, Likoma Island. Reproduced from Fig. 30 of Lewis, 1982.

Labidochromis freibergi, from Lewis (1982)


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