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P. elongatus

Pseudotropheus elongatus relatives

On this page are underwater photographs of various color forms, populations, and still-unnamed species that are similar (and perhaps related) to Pseudotropheus elongatus. Some of these forms may well represent populations of P. elongatus, while others seem distinct and may eventually be described and named as full species after sufficient field observations of their biology.

All photos below are from the plates in Ribbink et al., 1983. They are reproduced by permission of the Zoological Society of Southern Africa. The locality where the photo was taken and the plate number in Ribbink et al. are identified under each photo. Ribbink et al. are responsible for coining the names used here.

Several other, similar forms are illustrated as separate, formally named species on other pages — see Pseudotropheus ater, P. cyaneus, P. flavus, P. modestus, P. perspicax, and, of course, P. elongatus itself.

P. sp. "elongatus aggressive,"
Monkey Bay, Plate 6b

P. sp. "elongatus reef,"
West Reef, Plate 6c

P. sp. "elongatus slab,"
Thumbi Island West, Plate 6h

P. sp. "elongatus mbenji blue,"
Mbenji Island, Plate 6j

P. sp. "elongatus brown,"
Eccles Reef, Plate 6d

P. sp. "elongatus mbenji brown,"
Mbenji Island, Plate 7a

P. sp. "elongatus mbako,"
Likoma Island, Plate 7b

P. sp. "elongatus ornatus,"
Likoma Island, Plate 7c

P. sp. "elongatus gold bar,"
Chisumulu Island, Plate 7d

P. sp. "elongatus chisumulu,"
Chisumulu Island, Plate 7e

P. sp. "elongatus bee,"
Ruarwe, Plate 7g



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