Chindongo saulosi, male; photo by Ad Konings

Chindongo saulosi, female; photo by Ad Konings

Blue fish with black bars: A male Chindongo saulosi from the type locality of the species, Taiwan Reef, 9 km NW of Chisumulu (Chizumulu) Island. This species, previously called Pseudotropheus sp. "Taiwan" before Konings described it formally and named it Pseudotropheus saulosi for Mr. Saulos Mwale, a catcher of aquarium fishes, is endemic to this reef. In 2016 this species was transferred to the newly established genus Chindongo.

Orange fishes: Female C. saulosi from the same locality. Photos by Ad Konings, from the original description, Konings (1990); reproduced by permission of Ad Konings and T.F.H. Publications, Inc.

Konings wrote of C. saulosi:

It inhabits the rocky biotope and was the main species found on top of the reef when a strong current swept over the rocks (June 20, 1989). It is very common. Large groups of females and inactive males are seen at all times. It feeds from the biocover, from which it nips and combs algae. Breeding males are territorial and less frequently observed. The territory has a diameter of about 2 meters, which is rather large for such a small Mbuna. All intruders are chased from the premises. Spawning has not been observed in the field, but aquarium observations suggest that it takes place outside on the rocks. The eggs and developing larvae have an intense orange-yellow pigment, like that of females. -- (Konings, 1990)



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